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Post by Tonnie_rocca on Sun Sep 26, 2010 12:24 am

This is very important for everyone to know about and to be careful.......

From the blog, 25th September 2010

Written by Lchris.

Serial Cyber-Stalker, Cyber-Bully Alert

On August 19th, at 9:19 PM EST, Dyebat and I launched an investigation into the cause of the July 18-22 incidents that occurred at

As the incidents included partially successful attempts at discrediting Dyebat, Citroenlady, and myself - Staff and Management of the Forum dismissed my Initial Report of findings and subsequent attempts to inform and alert them to multiple crimes and unusual activity in our community.

Within 24 hours, we had uncovered a Serial Cyber-Bully, Cyber-Stalker that had been prolific across the Susan Boyle fan locations online - active since at least August 2009. We have (so far) spent hundreds of hours carefully documenting information gathered from gigabytes of data available and have received contributions of data from several members of the community.

Though our data is only part of the entire story - we have substantiated over 100 identities, incidents, victims. It is likely that this person (or persons) has been harassing Susan Boyle, her family, her friends, her management teams in addition to her fans.

Members of various fan locations online have been harassed, and/or fed many lies about many people. Incidents have been created or exacerbated. People have been bullied, stalked, and defamed. At least 100 people were contacted (many regularly) via PM (private messages) and/or email over the past year.

The effect on the Susan Boyle fandom has been devastating. Factions, divisions, and animosity are prevalent. Some have believed the lies and unwittingly contributed to the defamation and harassment of innocent people.

We have worked diligently on our investigation following advice and requirements of multiple agencies, companies, and legal entities. We are confident that there will be resolution shortly.

Meanwhile, if you have anything to contribute - please email to
Posted by Susan Boyle Fan at 7:57 AM

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